Meet DealerKi Lead Generator

Quite possibly the most powerful dealership marketing tool available.

DealerKi Lead Generator can help your dealership attract up to 30% more leads, close more deals faster, and keep your customers coming back for service, repairs and their next new vehicle.

DealerKi Lead Generator uses exclusive technology and proven strategies designed by dealers, for dealers.

DealerKi generated over 9,898 ups in just one month at a single dealership in Houston.

Your dealership can see results like these!

Exclusive DealerKi Analytics Report Panel

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How does DealerKi work?

DealerKi looks like a giant smartphone and stands right on your showroom floor.

Your customers will swipe their driver’s license and use the touchscreen to provide important sales information, including their name, current address, cell phone number and email address.

Next, customers will enter the kind of vehicle they’re looking to purchase, and when they want to purchase — today or in 30, 60 or 90 days.

We find out if your customer came in from direct mail, TV, radio, internet, walk-in, or referral, so you know what your advertising dollars are doing for you.

DealerKi sends all of this valuable customer information directly to your Dealertrack and CRM, and alerts your sales managers by text so they can get to work with the customer immediately.

Your sales program benefits with instant access to the information they need to sell more vehicles, faster, and to stay in contact with your customers after they leave your showroom.

And of course, DealerKi Lead Generator comes with our exclusive 24/7 Support Team and all the help you need to get amazing results.


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