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How will DealerKi help me increase my leads by 30%?

DealerKi Lead Generator attracts and entices potential customers by broadcasting appealing graphics with messages proven to engage customers, literally luring them to your kiosk. Customers are given the chance to enter to win prizes you control. Once they enter, you have all of the information instantly loaded into your DealerTrack and CRM, and your sales team needs to work those leads.

How will my sales team know a customer has entered their information at our DealerKi?

Immediately after a customer clicks to submit their information, your sales team will receive a text message with details about the customer and their purchase plans.

What information is the customer asked to enter at my DealerKi?

DealerKi collects all of the customer contact and buying details your sales team needs to get to work immediately. This includes:

  • Customer name
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Type of vehicle desired
  • Does customer have a trade-in
  • Buying now, 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Lease or purchase
  • Where are advertising $ working
  • Credit status

What if a customer doesn’t know the answer to one of the questions? Will DealerKi allow them to submit their contact information anyway?

Yes. DealerKi requires certain information necessary to enter the customer into your DealerTrack and CRM. Certain fields like name and contact information are required fields. Other fields are optional in the event the customer does not know the answer, such as credit status or desired vehicle they would like to purchase.

I read that DealerKi offers prizes to the customers. What kinds of prizes and who pays for them?

That’s the great thing about DealerKi — YOU decide the prizes and other marketing messages you want to present to your customers. Nearly everything your customers will see at DealerKi is custom-designed by YOU. We help make it easy for you to attract, engage and convert your leads to sales.

What if I need to change the prizes and marketing messages I create with my DealerKi?

No problem! Simply log into your DealerKi dashboard and in a few clicks, you can update your DealerKi marketing messages, prizes and other information to sync with other marketing campaigns or correct any errors.

Is one DealerKi enough for my dealership?

The number of DealerKi Lead Generators you need will depend on the volume of customers you currently serve, the volume of customers DealerKi will help you attract, your showroom configuration, your number of locations and some other factors. Our goal is to help you convert 30% more leads as fast as possible. Your sales specialist can help you determine the best way to configure DealerKi for your unique situation.

How much space does DealerKi require in my showroom?

Not much! DealerKi is an impressive, high-tech but very slim device. It looks like a giant smartphone. DealerKi is approximately 6’2” tall, with a very slim body and a stabilizing base. It takes up about as much space as a human.

What kind of electrical or computer setup do I need to install DealerKi in my showroom?

This is another great question! DealerKi works over the internet, using standard electrical outlet. All you need is internet with WiFi. DealerKi does the rest!

Can I see DealerKi in a live setting?

We are happy to share testimonials and references! Please ask your sales specialist for details.

Is there a technical support requirement?

Yes, DealerKi comes with a 24/7 support line and ongoing enhancements and upgrades. Please ask your sales specialist for details.

Is the cost of DealerKi co-opable?

Yes! In most cases, DealerKi’s digital marketing is co-opable. In fact, we encourage you to promote DealerKi in your advertising campaigns! Please ask your sales specialist for more details.

What about privacy? Are customers concerned about sharing their private information?

DealerKi displays our privacy policy for the customer to read, and we ensure your people know the policy in case they’re asked. We will never buy, sell, trade or give away your customers’ information but we do collect your customer’s explicit and implicit authorization to use the information they provide for your marketing, sales and support purposes.

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